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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Should Workers Join a Trade Union?

Because trade unions care for your well-being and  champion your rights as a working person. Trade unions use our collective bargaining power to push for better wages, welfare and work prospects for all working people. We negotiate with management to get the best possible deal. These are things that are extremely difficult to do alone as an individual.   

Meanwhile, the top priority of most(if not all) companies is profits, not you.

Q:  Aren't NTUC and trade unions government owned?

Trade Unions and NTUC have shared a symbiotic relationship with the People's Action Party who is the Government of the day. In Singapore, we practice "Tripartism" which is the collaboration between unions, employers and the government.

Q: Why aren't all companies unionised by default? 

In Singapore(and essentially everywhere else), our laws dictate that trade unions can only be formed by workers. For Unions to represent the workers collectively, a company must legally recognise the union. Unions can represent white collar executives as well. Read this. 

Q: Why should I join the union when I can go to Ministry of Manpower directly for my issues? 

Under the current laws, union members can file for a higher claim limit at TADM than non-members for salary related and wrongful dismissals claims. Members will also receive guidance and support from the union throughout the whole negotiation and mediation process.

Q: What have trade unions ever done for Singaporeans?

Our trade unions have represented thousands of members in grievances, lobbied for better laws, started social enterprises and so much more. You may visit which documents our efforts since the 1940s. Join us to do more for Singapore!

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