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I hereby authorize the Banking and Financial Services Union (“BFSU”) to represent me in any negotiations, representations, mediation, arbitration and any other similar proceedings in connection with the below employment dispute and/or any other related industrial matters as may be required, necessary and/or are otherwise incidental in connection with the foregoing, with (insert name of employer or former employer) ________________________________________.


1.         I agree to co-operate with BFSU on all matters related to the BFSU Representation and confirm that all the information and documents that I provide to BFSU (including the above details, any other supporting documents and otherwise in connection with this from) are true, accurate, complete and not misleading.

2.         In consideration of the BFSU Representation, I hereby agree to accept the outcome obtained by BFSU pursuant to the BFSU Representation as the full and final settlement of the above employment dispute.


3.         (a)        I understand and agree that BFSU will contact my employer/ex-employer to negotiate a settlement or to otherwise resolve the above employment dispute on my behalf, and accordingly I agree that BFSU may act for me on all matters consistent with the BFSU Representation.


(b)        I further agree to immediately inform BFSU if I formally engage other professional parties (including professional lawyers) to represent me concurrently on matters related to the BFSU Representation. I acknowledge that BFSU is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to discharge itself from handling my case if I engage formal legal representation from other parties.


4.         (a) To facilitate the BFSU Representation, I also authorise BFSU to access relevant information relating to the above employment dispute from my employer / former employer (as the case may be) and relevant government agencies. Though not exhaustive, I note that this includes the following types of documents and any other documents relating to my employment / former employment (as the case may be):

•           Employment Contract/Job offer letter

•           Job Description

•           Signed employee handbook and acknowledgement form showing receipt of handbook

•           Any contract, written agreement, receipt, or acknowledgment between the employee and the employer

•           Requests for internal transfer, promotion etc.

•           Performance appraisals done

•           Employee self-assessments

•           Records from any formal counselling sessions

•           Notes on attendance or tardiness

•           Performance improvement plan documentation

•           Disciplinary action reports

•           Employee recognition presented such as certificates, recognition letters, and so forth

•           Employee formal suggestions and recommendations, organisation’s responses

•           Training records and requests for training

•           Competencies assessments

•           Complaints from customers or co-workers

•           Termination/Retrenchment/Resignation letter


(b)        I further authorise BFSU to submit a copy of this form to the Human Resources Department or relevant government agencies to authorise the Human Resources Department or relevant government agencies to release the relevant information from my employee personnel file to BFSU for purposes of the BFSU Representation.


(c)        I consent to my personal data being collected, used, disclosed and retained by BFSU for the purposes of:

(i)         processing, administering, managing and representing me in the above employment dispute or otherwise in connection with the BFSU Representation;

ii)          carrying out verification and updates of my membership status and/or information I have provided in this form.


(d)        I acknowledge that the collection, use, disclosure and retention of my NRIC/FIN number in the course of negotiating and resolving the above employment dispute, is necessary to accurately establish my identity to a high degree of fidelity for the purposes of the BFSU Representation.


(e)        I will inform BFSU immediately of any changes to my contact details and/or personal data in order that BFSU is able to contact me for all matters relating to the above employment dispute.


(f)         I consent to my personal data being disclosed by BFSU to the relevant authorities and to authorise third parties for the latter to collect, use and retain my personal data for the purposes of processing, servicing and managing the above employment dispute.  


(g)        I consent to be contacted by BFSU via email, text messages, calls and/or post for matters relating to the above employment dispute and other membership or career assistance matters, as well as to obtain my opinion/feedback on such matters.


For enquiries on personal data protection matters, please email to

For all other enquiries, please email to


5.         I agree that to the fullest extent permitted by law, I will not hold BFSU responsible or liable for any damages or losses that I may suffer, in connection with the BFSU Representation.


6.         This form shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Singapore.


7.         For the avoidance of doubt, Clauses 2, 3(b), (to the extent such clauses relate to matters that are intended to continue in force after the termination of the BFSU Representation) 4(c) – (g), 5, 6 and this Clause 7 of this form shall survive the termination of the BFSU Representation.

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